NEW: Penguin Offers Self-Publishing Packages

Nervous about self-publishing? Many writers aren’t and that’s ideal. Kindle publishing is laughably simple.

That said, many writers would rather do their own dentistry than format and upload their self-published books. If you feel this way, respected publisher Penguin can help.

Publishers Lunch (subscription required), Book Country Launches Self-Publishing Platform reports:

“Book Country is offering three publishing packages to authors who wish to self-publish within the genres of romance, mystery/thriller, and science fiction & fantasy: a digital book with user-formatting based on a Microsoft Word file for $99…”

I’m not familiar with Book Country at all, but it looks like a great community. I’ll be joining myself.

You’ll need to decide whether their packages work for you. Be aware that you’re giving up some control, and money, too. Before you sign up with any packager, make sure you read and understand the fine print.

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