Self Publishing Your Book: It’s FREE

Self-Publishing Your Book: It’s FREE

Wondering how much self publishing your book will cost? It’s free. Last week I was chatting with a group of new authors who’d been told that it would cost them several thousand dollars to self publish a book.

My jaw dropped. I wondered how anyone could believe that. Then I realized that there’s so much misinformation around about self publishing “costs” that yes indeed, some new writers DO believe that. Some of the self publishing misinformation is meant to mislead, because someone’s making money from newbie authors, the rest of it’s just nonsense.

So again: self publishing to Amazon and all the other ebook retailers is free, free, free.

Amazon’s your biggest market, so upload your material there first. Later, you can upload to Draft2Digital, which will get you onto iBooks, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, et al. Draft2Digital has more retailers coming; I’m looking forward to the day they add Google Play.

Self-Publishing Is FREE, Gratis…

Again, it’s free. Whenever you want to self publish an ebook, just create an MS Word or iWork Pages document of the final draft of your nonfiction book, or of your novel, or short story. Then upload the Word or Pages doc to Amazon. Amazon converts the file into its MOBI format for you. You can create and upload your own image for the cover, or if you can’t be bothered creating your own graphic, use Amazon’s Kindle Cover Creator – also free.

If you want to do a print version of your book, use Amazon’s Createspace. That’s essentially free too.

If You Wish, You Can Spend Money on Editing and Cover Images.

I ghostwrite fiction and nonfiction for clients, and sub-contract the editing. I’m a reasonable editor, but my time’s better spent on writing. I also sub-contact cover images.

However you don’t need to do that. Get a couple of beta readers, and swap proofreading with a friend. It’s easy enough to correct errors after your ebook’s selling on Amazon. Just upload the corrected file.

The next time someone tells you that self publishing costs anything, scoff at them, with my blessing. Or better yet, simply ignore them and get on with self publishing your books. You don’t need to listen to nonsense. 🙂

Write Commercial Fiction

If you’re struggling with your writing, trading your hours for dollars, maybe it’s time you considered something different: write commercial fiction. Once written, your ebooks will sell for years…

Write Commercial Fiction

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