Should you publish your book yourself?

Traditionally, self-publishing has been seen as an act of desperation.

If you couldn’t get your book published by major publishers, you took the self-publishing route. Unfortunately the upshot of this was sometimes a garage piled high with boxes of books you couldn’t sell.

The Web has changed all that.

When speaking with established writers, I’m hearing that nine times out of ten they prefer to publish online, first.

Here are some comments:

I can publish my ebook with a few clicks of my mouse in days, rather than years. Since I’ve got a mortgage, it makes sense…

Eight or 15 per cent looks silly next to the 100 per cent profit I make from self-publishing…

I love it – when I publish online, I have direct contact with readers…

Should you self-publish?

That depends on YOUR business plan. You do have one, don’t you?

You must know what your goals are for your writing.

Self-publishing is a great way of testing the waters of a topic. You can create a blog, and self-publish your book in a very short time. You can still go the traditional publishing route, but one of the big benefits of self-publishing and selling your own ebooks is that publishers will often approach you.

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