Show Up and Make Sales: Keep Writing (Author Hits 150,000 Sales)

I love this post, I Hit the 150,000 Mark in Sales! | Denise Grover Swank:

Ebook Sales

“That’s the dirty little secret that a lot of people don’t get.

You CAN make money as a self-published author even if you aren’t a best seller. If you have your books priced so that you make money ($2.99 or more) and you are selling 1000 books or more a month (with several books available, that’s not so inconceivable)  you’ll make some nice money. Maybe not enough to live off of. Yet. But keep releasing books. Plus, new releases that are received well will spur sales of your other books within the same genre.”

Writers worry too much, and write too little.

I’ve just published a post on my freelance writing blog, “Make $500 a Day from Your Info Products (Ebooks)”, and talk about writers who write one book, and flog it to death.

Show up and write. Keep writing. You’ll be successful. Keep the three topics I mention in mind, too… 🙂

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