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Best Book Title in the World

What’s your candidate for the best book title in the world?

Mine’s William Manchester’s A World Lit Only By Fire… I can’t think of a more evocative title for a book about the Middle Ages.

OK, over to you — what’s your candidate for the best book title in the world? Send me a message on Twitter.

If you’re in the process of writing a book, chances are that you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about a great title. Relax. You’ll have plenty of time to change it before publication, and your editor will weigh in on the title too.

iPad: putting the magic back into books

Do you love Alice in Wonderland — the book, rather than the movie? I do, so much so that I’ve got no intention of watching the current movie.

But I want to “read” Alice on an iPad. Watch this video to see why.

Isn’t it superb? Alice in Wonderland on the iPad is both a book, and a game.

If you’re currently writing a book, think “game”. How could your book become an integral part of an iPad game?

Get creative, and mention your ideas for an iPad game in your book proposal. Publishers are always looking for hot marketing ideas, so they’ll think that they’ve got themselves a truly savvy author. 🙂

Goodbye to Michael Crichton

Sadly, Michael Crichton is no longer with us. He’ll be missed. I’ve never yet been disappointed when reading one of his novels, and I’ve some of his books several times.

My favorite is Timeline, a book which takes you back to the Middle Ages and is, in my opinion, the best time travel novel ever.

An Appraisal – Michael Crichton – Builder of Windup Realms That Thrillingly Run Amok – NYTimes.com says:

“Michael Crichton, who died on Tuesday at the age of 66, was like a character in a Michael Crichton novel. He was unusually tall (6 feet 7 inches), strikingly handsome and encyclopedically well informed about everything from dinosaurs to medieval banquet halls to nanotechnology.”