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You can write a children’s book if you’ve got kids

Do you tell your children bedtime stories?

You may want to consider writing those stories down.

Bedtime storytelling creates best-selling children’s book reports: “‘The One, The Only, Magnificent Me’ debuted as the No. 1 children’s book on Christian book wholesaler Spring Arbor’s best-selling list, and was No. 2 for illustrated children’s books on the Top 100 Bestseller List at Ingram Book Group. The book features illustrations by longtime friend Joel Schoon Tanis.”

Author Dan Haseltine told his kids stories, and made up a story to help his son, who was struggling with rejection. The result was a bestseller.

If you have children, you have a built-in audience, and when you tell them stories they love, chances are that other children will love them too.

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