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The next Harry Potter: could you write it?

Now that JK Rowling has ditched Harry Potter and his wand, the hunt is on for the next big thing in children’s books.

The write stuff: Who’ll suceed Rowling as next big thing in kid-lit? reports: “‘We’re certainly seeing Stephenie Meyer as the heir apparent to J.K. Rowling,’ says Huie. ‘Twilight,’ Meyer’s first book in her girl-friendly vampire series, is on 53 top 10 lists on chapters.indigo.ca’s online community. ‘This is the best thing in the universe.’ I can’t wait to finish the next book.’ Reader commentary like this explained why ‘Eclipse,’ the third title in Meyer’s series, became the fastest selling youth-adult title within one week of its August 2007 release.”

Why not try writing the next sensation yourself?