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Ebook Covers: Create Cover Images Which Sell

Ebook Covers: Create Cover Images Which Sell

Worried about your ebook covers? Cover images seem to be an on-going challenge for authors. Each week, we get questions about Kindle covers, and Kindle formatting.

Let’s look at creating cover images which sell.

An image isn’t just an image: it’s marketing

Do your ebook covers sell? Yes — and no. A wonderful cover won’t sell a mediocre ebook. On the other hand, a bad cover will hurt your sales.

Essentially, your cover is a sales tool.

Here’s a BIG tip: look at ebook covers in your genre. Your cover raises expectations. If you’re writing a spooky horror novel, you don’t want your cover to look sweet, or as if you’re writing a techno-thriller. See what other authors are doing cover-wise, then match your cover to your genre.

You have many, many ways to develop wonderful covers. You can:

  • Create your own (tools like Canva make it easy);
  • Buy pre-made covers;
  • Hire a designer;
  • Use Amazon’s free Cover Creator.

To make sales you need a full package of images

Keep in mind that you need more than just an ebook cover. You need:

  • The basic cover image;
  • Images for your blog and social media;
  • Images for other marketing you might do, like creating press releases.

I prefer to source my own images, using stock libraries, like Dollar Photo Club. Then I either create the covers myself, or hire a designer. I source the images, and then I ask the designer to send me the Photoshop files.

Once you have the source files for your ebook cover image, you can create as many social media, and other marketing images, as you like.

Just starting out? Buy pre-made covers

Many websites offer pre-made Kindle covers. (Do a Google search for “pre-made kindle covers”.)

Generally speaking, when you buy a pre-made cover, you’ll just receive the cover, you won’t receive the Photoshop files.

That’s OK, because if you’re just starting out, writing more ebooks is much more important than marketing. You need to have lots of ebooks to sell. Get yourself established, with two or three ebooks, and then you can start marketing.

In summary: consider your ebook covers to be a form of marketing. However, ensure that you have more than one ebook to sell, before you start a marketing campaign.

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Kindle Unlimited: Back In, Sales Jump

Kindle Unlimited: Back In, Sales Jump

The new Kindle Unlimited inspired considerable angst. Like other authors, I wasn’t sure what effect “pages read” would have on sales.

I have different pen names for different fictional genres. Whenever I published a story, I automatically enroll it in KDP Select. Enrolling in Select makes the ebooks available in Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Kindle Unlimited was a good deal. Here’s why. Sales. Although KU readers could read the ebooks for free, other readers bought the ebooks. No matter how much, or how little, Amazon paid for pages read, readers were buying the ebooks too.

Happy days — no matter how cynical we can be about “visibility”, it seems that KU does indeed make ebooks more visible, and this leads to more sales.

So when KU changed, I decided to leave my fiction enrolled in Select to see what happened. However, I also decided that I’d hedge my bets by not enrolling newly published fiction in Select. I’d “go wide” with those new ebooks, publishing to other ebook retailers.

Kindle Unlimited sells ebooks

I’ve published several ebooks over this past month, ignoring Select. I always meant to go wide with them, but I got busy, and had no time to publish the ebooks elsewhere.

Last week, I checked the sales on the new ebooks — novels I wrote under a couple of pen names. They seemed slow. With established pen names, you have an audience, so I couldn’t work out why the slowdown occurred. With one ebook, I was entering a new genre. The pen name was completely new. Three weeks after publishing that ebook… crickets. Not a single sale for that ebook. How was that even possible?

To my mind, the reason was KDP Select. I hadn’t done any advertising for the new ebooks, so the miserable sales seemed to be because the ebooks just weren’t visible to enough readers, because they weren’t in KU.

I decided the heck with it, and enrolled all the newly published fiction in KDP Select… and… made sales.

Your mileage may vary, of course. I’m not suggesting that Kindle Unlimited solves all problems. However my short-lived experiment suggests that it does bring visibility.

I’m not alone:

”I knew within a week that I’d made the right decision to join KU. My KU ebooks saw an immediate boost in ranking. Not only were the page-reads mounting, but the sales of those ebooks were also on the rise!”

Try your own experiments, to see what works for your ebooks.

Updated: January 10, 2017

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Ebook Marketing Panic: The Solution

Ebook Marketing Panic: The Solution

You’re writing ebooks, and publishing them. However ebook marketing is a mystery. A huge wave of content streams onto the Web daily, and you know that many thousands of ebooks are published each month. How do you stand out from the crowd and SELL your ebooks?

The rich get richer…

Nowhere is this more true than in ebook marketing. Once you have sales, Amazon will happily promote you, which leads to even more sales.

How do you get those initial sales to kickstart the process? It’s not easy. Time was, you could create a blog and sell, easily. That happy state of affairs ended in 2012, when corporations woke up to the power of the Web. Today, large companies flood the Web with content.

In 2015, small ebook publishers struggle, because for new bloggers, blogging isn’t the sure route to instant sales that it was three years ago. Of course, if you already have a well-established blog, kudos to you. 🙂

“My ebook marketing isn’t working…”

Over the past few months, we’ve received daily messages from ebook authors telling us that their ebook marketing isn’t working. Authors are spending more and more time promoting their ebooks; marketing is turning into a full-time job.

Some authors give up ebook marketing altogether — it’s just too hard. They don’t have a strategy, and are confused with their options.

Paying to play works. However, you need to have initial capital, because you’ll need to spend money to see which advertising options work for your ebooks. It’s a challenge to discover where the readers for your ebooks hang out, so you can advertise to them. When you do discover an advertising venue which works, it may well be too expensive to be viable over time.

The 15-minute ebook marketing strategy to help you to sell more ebooks

I developed a 15-minute ebook marketing strategy for those of my personal coaching students who are struggling ebook authors. They’re thrilled with the results.

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