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Ebook Publishing: Draft2Digital Now Does Scribd


Big news in ebook publishing. If you’re a self publisher, you can now distribute to Scribd via Draft2Digital. Wonderful, but I do wish they’d add Google Play Books as well. 🙂

If you’re worried about pirating on Scribd, a KBoards member reports:

I am on Scribd via Smashwords, and the digital fingerprint thing works too if anyone is wondering. I had uploaded samples of my early books onto Scribd myself, and once my Smashwords versions went live, I got an email saying my content had been taken down because Scribd recognise the Smashwords version as the legit one.

Draft2Digital is an amazing service. On the freelance blog, we’re talking about publishing nonfiction this week, and if your ebooks aren’t on Scribd, you can now get them there simply and easily.

Consider formats,  as well as distribution

The more retailers — the wider your distribution — the more ebooks you’ll sell, all things being equal. You should also consider formats.

In my latest program for writers, I share the FORMATS secret with you:

* Discover the big secret of ebook publishing few writers use. Here it is – FORMATS;

* Add value to every ebook you write, and sell it for $4.99 and at many other price points too… Grow your ebooks and sell them for $47 and more;

* Write an ebook in the morning, and sell a version in the afternoon.

Too many nonfiction self publishers leave money on the table because they never consider publishing in different formats. Consider that you have a potential audience of millions around the globe. The more formats you offer, the more you will sell. Everything depends on your topics, of course.

When you write and sell nonfiction, the possibilities for publishing in various formats offer immense potential. So consider formats, as well as distribution.

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