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Writing a book and selling a book are two different processes

Writing a book and selling your book are two different processes, and for success as an author, you need to become adept at both.

Look at those statistics. The Easy Way to Publishing Success By Patricia Fry says: “First, let me say that, while it’s actually fairly easy to get published, the challenge is to experience success as a published author. Did you know, for example, that there were only 10 titles in 2006 that sold over a million copies? Seventy-six percent or 948,000 titles, that year, sold fewer than 100 copies. The next largest percentage is 17 percent representing titles that sold between 100 and 1,000 copies.”

Selling a book to a publisher is one thing. Ensuring that the book sells once it’s on the bookstore shelves is something completely different.

Selling your book happens in two stages:

1. Selling your book to a publishing house via an agent or doing it yourself

2. Promoting your book both before publication day, and afterward

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To develop a long term career, what happens after publication day is just as important as what happens before that day.