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Giggle: Traditional Publishing Companies and Their Authors

giggle: traditional publishing companies

You may be wondering HOW traditional publishing companies retain authors. It’s easy. They’ve trained them well. Read, and laugh. Or weep.

Oh dear. Amazon hates authors, and only traditional publishing companies have their authors’ wellbeing at heart. (Snicker.)

You may not believe it, but this author certainly does: From How Amazon Means Less Books For You:

In other words, Amazon’s behavior right now is impacting my ability to sell more books to Orbit, since when preorder numbers take this kind of hit it’s harder for Devi to fight for me in acquisition meetings.

That’s the entire problem with authors who’ll stick with traditional companies through thick and thin (mostly thin and thinner), right there: “my ability to sell more books to Orbit”. 

What about readers? Self publishing authors concern themselves with readers. Traditionally published authors worry about publishers.

From the comments on the article:

You know what’s an even better indicator of how well a certain book will sell? Posting it on Amazon for sale and seeing what happens.

Of course PG’s observation regarding the “greedy” and “predatory” nature of Amazon’s author royalties is spot on. I will take 70% and the lack of a contracts dept that takes 6 months to decide whether I’m worthy of being published every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

It’s worth reading all the comments on this article… In the meantime, if you’re a self publishing author, go back to writing great books for your READERS.


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