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Use Google+to Help You to Network and Sell Your Book

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Social media can help you to write and sell your book. If you’ve been using Twitter, and are frustrated with the 140 character limit to your tweets, you need to investigate Google+.

I’m by no means a Google+ expert. However, I’ve started recommending Google+ to writers who are too nervous to blog.

This article, How to Use Google+ as an Author Platform, does a great job in showing you what Google+ can do for you:

“Two strengths make Google+ an outstanding tool for increasing the visibility of your work:
Ability for your writing to get found through Circles and Social Search
No maximum length of your Google+ posts
That makes Google+ a strong promotional vehicle for your writing, whether you have a blog or not. While I strongly suggest that all writers have their own blog, in my experience, it’s a huge technical hurdle for many to overcome. The good news is that if you don’t have a blog, Google+ serves as a beautiful blog substitute.”