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Ebook Publishing Strategy: A Very Kindle Christmas

Ebook Publishing Strategy: A Very Kindle Christmas

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat… On our freelance writing blog, I start reminding writers about the importance of Christmas sales from July onwards. If you’re a Kindle author, you need to create an ebook publishing strategy for the holidays NOW too.

The holidays are the big spending days of the year

Companies small and large make the bulk of their income over the holiday season, and here’s why — people are spending money. Think of all the new Kindles, iPads, phones and other devices which will be given as gifts over the holiday season. Shouldn’t some of your ebooks grace these electronic toys?

I’ll answer that question for you — YES, they should. So start writing. 🙂

Ebook publishing: Christmas can be both fun, and profitable

I reminded a student about Christmas ebooks last week, and he complained that he didn’t have any ideas. No ideas? Of course you have ideas. Writers get ideas more easily than pets get fleas.

Here’s what I suggested to start him thinking:

  • Nonfiction: Christmas recipes; how to create hand-made paper for gift wraps and cards; recipes for easy Christmas treats you can cook and bake to give as gifts; how to create gorgeous decorations…
  • Fiction: a series of ten short stories with a Christmas theme, in a mix of genres, or in a single genre; a mystery novel with Santa Claus as either the sleuth, or the corpse; a romance novel with a hero and heroine who are both alone during the holidays, and…

I’m sure that you can come up with any number of ideas for Christmas-themed ebooks. Make a list now. Use Trello to collect ideas, or my new fave app, Quip. I use Quip as my ideas notebook, accessible to me anywhere, on any device.

Springboard off what you’re writing now

Initially my student wasn’t keen about developing an ebook publishing strategy for Christmas. From his tone of voice I could tell that he was looking at it as just another chore to tack onto his over-stuffed To Do list.

I reminded him that he’d published three thrillers over the past two years, not to mention several mystery novellas. “Can you use characters from your published ebooks for Christmas stories?” I asked. “You’ve done the groundwork. You’ve got characters. Give your characters a little Christmas cheer. You’ve got built-in readers too. Wouldn’t your novels’ fans love a few short stories about the characters?”

Grudgingly, he supposed that that sounded reasonable.

Yesterday my student called me back. He read out a list of five ebooks he’s got planned. His attitude had completely changed. He was excited, and I was pleased for him. He’s going to have a very merry Kindle Christmas.

Why not create your own strategy? Do it today.

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