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Kindle Direct Publishing: No, You Don’t Need an ISBN

Kindle Direct Publishing: No, You Don't Need an ISBN

This question arises constantly: Do I need an ISBN for Amazon?

No, not for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). From Amazon:

1-23 Do I need an ISBN to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing? 
An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is not required to publish content with Kindle Direct Publishing. Once your content is published on the KDP web site, Amazon.com will assign it a 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), which is unique to the eBook, and is an identification number for the Kindle Book on Amazon.com. If you already have an ISBN for your eBook, you’ll be able to enter it during the publishing process. Do *not* use an ISBN for the print book edition.

Print: free ISBN with Amazon’s Createspace

You only need ISBNs for print publication. And if you choose Amazon’s Createspace for print, you get a ISBN free. Here’s Amazon on ISBNs. You can choose to buy a Custom ISBN for $10, or a Universal ISBN for $99, but unless you know WHY you want that, don’t bother.

For most authors, Amazon’s free ISBNs are all you need…

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