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Get Ready, GO: Create and Publish Your Ebook In Eight Hours

Write Ebook in Eight Hours

Can you write, edit, format, create a cover image AND upload your new ebook in eight hours or less?

Joe Konrath will blog about the authors who do. He outlines what you need to do in this blog post, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by Tim Myers:

“Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write, edit, format, create your own cover, and publish an ebook in an eight hour period.

If you do that, I’ll do a blog featuring your ebook, so the whole world can learn what a speedy little creative dynamo you are.”

Read the entire blog post. You’ll see that Konrath says he’s published these four books in an hour each, while drunk:

  • How to Stop Farting
  • How to Give Good Sex
  • How to Get Rich
  • How to Attract the Opposite Sex


He created the covers in MS Paint. He hasn’t published the ebooks under his own name, obviously. He’s making a point, and is getting back the joy of writing.

Konrath’s little “eight hour book” challenge is a valuable corrective to the nonsense that goes on in publishing, at ALL levels, so kudos to him.

Here’s an example of the insanity…

Total insanity

Writers AND readers take publishing much too seriously. Consider this article on Salon about an aspiring author who got two-star reviews and rape threats on Goodreads. And she got those reviews before her book was published:

She claims that though her book was not yet in the hands of potential reviewers, readers were already giving it two-star reviews. “I asked about this on a Goodreads message board,” she says, “and it was explained to me that people can rate as a way of expressing their interest in the book.” But by then, she writes, she’d triggered the ire of some of the community for questioning it. “People started to rate 1-star to prove ‘we can rate whatever the hell we want.’ My book was added to shelves named ‘author should be sodomized’ and ‘should be raped in prison’…

If you want to follow this story, there’s a long thread about it on Writers’ Cafe.

If you’re easily depressed, don’t read the thread. Get a timer, and write and publish your book in eight hours instead.

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