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Labyrinth author Kate Mosse: write the book you want to write

I love big historical novels, and was engrossed by Labyrinth, Kate Mosse’s bestseller. It also intrigued me that this bestseller was blogged, because I adore blogging, and recommend it to writers.

In this article on the release of her new novel Kate Mosse talks about her follow-up to her huge hit Labyrinth Kate Mosse talks about the secret of writing a bestseller: “So what is the secret to a bestseller? ‘This is the thing I feel strongly about, if you can do things that really matter to you, not thinking about where they’re going to lead, but just the thing that seemed right to give your time to, whether it works out or not, you feel satisfied, and that you enjoyed yourself on the way.

‘If instead you do it because you want to be here in two years, or five years, you spend all your time measuring yourself by things that are not achievable.’”

This is excellent advice for writing any kind of book: write the book YOU want to write. If instead you write a book for what you presume are market conditions, then you’re at the mercy of the market. Not only that, your book runs the risk of sounding manufactured.

It’s surprisingly easy to assess how a writer felt when writing a book. If you think your editor won’t notice that you’re struggling, or are bored witless, you’re wrong.

When you write the book that you want to write, not only will you have fun along the way, but your readers will have fun too. And a book that’s a page-turner is the sign of a publishable book.