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Join Fiction Writing Profits: Free Mini-Course

Fiction Writing Profits
Fiction Writing Profits: Join now

Just getting started on your fiction writing career? Fiction Writing Profits will help. It’s for new writers, and established writers who are making the switch to fiction. Each week, we receive messages from writers asking about fiction, and whether they can make it work for them. In other words: is fiction a profitable option for writers?

In a word: YES. It’s by no means a “get rich quick” solution to writing woes. However, it can develop as an additional income stream, because fiction outsells nonfiction 6 to 1 on the Kindle store. That said, some hard-working authors are making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month from their fiction. Who knows: you may be able to turn fiction into a profitable writing career.

What do you receive when you subscribe to Fiction Writing Profits?

You receive a free report, “Short Stories For Fun And Money: Write Short Fiction”, and a free mini-course. You also receive news, tips, and advice. And you receive prelaunch offerings on any fiction writing programs we release going forward.

Is Fiction Writing Profits for you? Only you know that. 🙂 If you know me from my Fab Freelance Writing Blog or from social media, you know that I’ve been helping writers to make money online since around 1998. Here’s why. When I started writing, back when we used typewriters and postal mail, writing help was hard to find. Many editors and publishers helped me. Not only am I paying it forward, I love writing about the changing landscape for writers.

So, since writing fiction is now a viable opportunity for professional writers, I’ve decided to create Fiction Writing Profits. I hope you’ll join us. I also hope that you’ll feel free to ask questions, and share your challenges, as well as  your successes.

Click here to join.


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How to profit from your writing: online store.

Kindle Do It Yourself: Publish Your Own Books

Kindle Publishing

I’ve had several questions this week about formatting for Kindle publishing.

Amazon has an excellent Help system here, Amazon.com: Kindle Direct Publishing: Help:

“With Kindle Direct Publishing you can self-publish your books on the Amazon Kindle Store. As thousands of publishers have learned — it’s free, fast, and easy!

Here are some options for preparing your book:

• Do it Yourself Option (Featured Guide: Building Your Book for Kindle)

• Print & Digital Option (CreateSpace, an Amazon.com Company)

• Use a Conversion Service (Professional Conversion Services)”

If the thought of doing it yourself makes your teeth ache, there are many professional conversion services. I’ve heard good things about 52novels. Shop around. You’ll find many companies and individuals who will format your ebook on forums.

, and on Twitter: @angee

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Make Money Writing a Book: How to Decide What You’ll Write

Do you want to make money writing a book? It’s easier than you think. However if you want readers, you need to write what appeals to them. If you choose the right topics, you’ll sell thousands of copies of your book and your publisher will love you.

Here’s how to decide what to write, so you know that you’ll make money from your book.

1. If You Want Readers, Target Those Who MUST Read Your Book

Targeting sounds complicated, but it’s not. If you can get the hang of targeting, you’ll know without a doubt that every book you write will sell.

Here’s how to target: look for readers who are desperate for a solution to a problem.

Your own problems can be a source of income for you, if you solve them, because any problem that you have is likely to be shared by hundreds of thousands of other people around the globe.

For example, perhaps you’ve managed conquer anxiety, or you lost weight with your own method. Either of these topics would make a great topic for a book because there are thousands of people who are desperate for solutions to these problems.

2. You’ll Find Your Best Ideas in Your Own Backyard

Ideas are everywhere. You can find them when talking to friends, or when watching TV.

Here’s an important tip: develop a solution for a specific problem, rather than one which is too general.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s imagine that you want to write a weight-loss book. There hundreds of weight-loss books published each year. Therefore a book on general weight loss is too broad; there’s too much competition.

However, if you decided to write a book on kids’ weight loss, or a book on losing weight after having a baby, your topic is much more targeted and is much more likely to find readers.

3. Set Yourself a Daily Word Count Goal

Writing a book, even a relatively short one of 50 or 60 pages, can seem intimidating. Relax. Although you may read a book in an hour or two, it will take you much longer to write it. That’s fine. You write every book one word at a time.

Schedule your your daily writing time. If you just have 20 minutes, that’s fine.

Next, set a daily word count goal. When you’re starting out, make this goal very low. For example, you could aim to write 50 words each day.

You can write 50 words in a couple of minutes and this goal is so low you’ll easily complete it, no matter how frantic your life is. When you set such a low goal, you’ll find that you easily exceed it, and this gets you into the habit of writing.

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