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Book Marketing Secrets For Budget-Conscious Authors

Book Marketing: Advertising Ideas For Budget-Conscious Authors

You’re writing your book. Writing, writing, writing… have you considered that NOW would be a good time to market? Few writers want to think about book marketing at all, ever, let alone when they’re in the middle of writing.

But now’s the perfect time.

Here’s why: when you focus on marketing now, it will help you with your writing. Because:

  • You’ll consider your readers;
  • (If you’re writing fiction) you’ll give thought to entertaining readers (start by entertaining yourself);
  • (If you’re writing nonfiction) you’ll think about how readers can get real value from your book;
  • You’ll be motivated to finish your book.

All good reasons to market. Here’s a bonus reason: you need to book in advance for some of the best promotional venues.

Start marketing your book now

What’s your budget for book marketing? Yes, you’re all about free, and so am I. To give your book its best chance however, you’ll need to open your wallet a little. You don’t need to go wild, and run up a huge bill on AdWords, or even a mini-bill on Facebook.

However, you do need to spend some money.

Matt Manochio’s article will give you some ideas:

BookSends ($15). Reach: 100,000 overall subscribers, 17,000 in the Horror category, although the web operator said those numbers are a little outdated and should be 15% to 20% higher. Results: 125 clicks, 47 sales. Put BookSends on your advertising list right now. I mean it. It cost me $15 and I more than made that back in sales.

Find your own venues — reader blogs, book blogs, and websites

Matt lists some wonderful venues in his article, but scout out your own too. Where do your readers — or prospective readers — hang out online? Ask them on social media. Then book an ad on any venue you choose, in advance, following Matt’s method.

Blog tours are popular with some writers, but they take lots of time. You can save time by advertising on websites. This means that rather than spending a month writing blog posts, you can spend that time writing another book.

Lowering the price while you’re advertising, as Matt does, is a good idea, because it will increase sales. The increased sales will help you to get onto more of Amazon’s lists.

Vital: set up a website with a mailing list

You’re spending money on advertising, and the best way to get a long-lasting return on that advertising is to ensure that you have a way of contacting readers again. When I coach authors, the first thing I do is encourage them to set up a mailing list, if they haven’t already done so. I’ve been using aweber for lists for a decade, but there are many mailing list providers.

Ask others where they’re advertising

Authors will often share the results of their advertising adventures on Writers’ Cafe, and on private forums. Make a list of advertising options to check out, and as we’ve said, book your advertising now, while you’re still writing.

When you know you’re running advertising in three or four months, you won’t dither on completing your book. Similarly, if you have a favorite editor, contact her about your book now, and reserve her time.

Book marketing can be exciting, and fun — so get ready now.

Writing programs to increase your profits, from today — closeouts mean you SAVE

Writing programs to increase your profits, from today -- closeouts mean you SAVE

To meet my goals for 2015, I’m closing out some of our bestselling programs, so that I can focus on coaching and publishing.

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