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Oh dear, not another fake memoir

Unbelievable that another publisher has been taken in:

On Saturday, Berkley Books canceled Rosenblat’s memoir, “Angel at the Fence,” after he acknowledged that he and his wife did not meet, as they had said for years, at a sub-camp of Buchenwald, where she allegedly sneaked him apples and bread. The book was supposed to come out in February.

Anger, sadness over fabricated Holocaust story reports:

“The damage is broad. Publishing, the most trusting of industries, has again been burned by a memoir that fact-checking might have prevented. Berkley is an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), which in March pulled Margaret B. Jones’ ‘Love and Consequences’ after the author acknowledged she had invented her story of gang life in Los Angeles. Winfrey fell, as she did with James Frey, for a narrative of suffering and redemption better suited for television than for history. “

Another memoir mess: fictionalizing author dumped

Top white author admits she made up story of growing up with tough black gangs in LA | the Daily Mail reports:

“A memoir by a white woman who claimed she was raised in poverty by a black foster mother and sold drugs for a gang in a tough Los Angeles neighbourhood has admitted the book was pure fiction.”

Publisher Riverhead has cancelled author Margaret B. Jones’s book tour, and has recalled all copies of the book.

The story also notes:

An editor at Riverhead described the discovery as “upsetting” and as a “huge personal and professional betrayal.”

Yes, it is a betrayal. Whatever gets into some authors? A publisher invests money in an author, and then is, as the editor said, betrayed.

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Writing a memoir? Stick to the facts

Author admits making up memoir of surviving Holocaust – The Boston Globe reports:

“Eleven years after the publication of her best-selling Holocaust memoir – a heartwarming tale of a small Jewish girl trekking across Europe and living with wolves – the Massachusetts author yesterday admitted the whole story was a hoax.”

Read the full article – it’s fascinating. The fictionalizing author’s own story would have made a fascinating tale, so why lie?