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Print on Demand authors: paid consignment service

Here’s an interesting experiment at the Boulder Book Store in Colorado. Print on Demand (POD — self-publshed) authors sell their books on consignment on the bookstore shelves, and pay for the privilege.

The Boulder way: A bookstore’s experiment with microdistribution » Nieman Journalism Lab reports:

“…The store charges its consignment authors according to a tiered fee structure: $25 simply to stock a book (five copies at a time, replenished as needed by the author for no additional fee); $75 to feature a book for at least two weeks in the ‘Recommended’ section; and $125 to, in addition to everything else, mention the book in the store’s email newsletter, feature it on the Local Favorites page of the store’s website for at least 60 days, and enable people to buy it online for the time it’s stocked in the store.

And for $255 — essentially, the platinum package — the store will throw in an in-store reading and book-signing event.”

If you’re a new author, and haven’t set up your own marketing, it sounds like a great offering to me. You’re getting your book out there, and that’s important.

Few bookstores will stock POD books, so let’s hope that more of them develop this distribution model for their local authors.

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Lulu self-publishing hassles

Print on Demand (POD) publishing is filled with hassles, but this author seems to have had extraordinary challenges when using Lulu’s system.

Macopinion reports:

“Unfortunately, my impressions of Lulu went downhill when I began researching the details of the publishing process. For one, there is almost too much information on their site. Publishing is complicated and there are hundreds of FAQs split among thousands of pages: I spent many hours reading through their site trying to understand all of the available options and procedures.”

Lulu is hardly a new kid on the block, and they seem to be successful. So why can’t they get their site organized?

As Macopinion says, they offer “free” publishing; you just pay for the books.

You should read his entire post, but as for me, I’d rather pay for decent service than go through this kind of nonsense.

Recession-proof your freelance writing career

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Print On Demand chaos

Where will it all end? It seems that the POD world is in chaos.

An interesting post Which PODs are affected by Scamazon 2008? « PODdy Mouth – Daily Dirt on POD and Self-Publishing reports:

“There is a lot of guess work flying around the Internet about how the Scamazon shake-down will affect the POD services, and which ones it will affect the most (and why). Since I’m always up for a little conjecture, I’ll offer my two cents worth on that subject here and next time I’ll provide some data about each POD I mention to ‘justify’ my position (as if I have to do that – ha!) – I’ll focus on the 16 PODs that took part in my recent self-publishing sweet 16 tournament.”

The post makes for interesting reading – read the comments too.

If you’re writing a book and intend going the POD route, read your contract carefully.