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Be A Confident Writer: 5 Strategies

Be A Confident Writer: 5 Strategies

Want to be a confident writer? Confidence is a mindset, a mental switch if you like, so any writer can be more confident.

Confidence has real benefits:

  • You believe in yourself, so you’ll write, rather than procrastinate. Confident writers know that once you’ve written something, you can sell it, and there are always multiple ways in which you can do that;
  • You’ll enjoy writing more;
  • You’ll get better ideas: you won’t be afraid to tackle big ideas; and
  • Chances are that you’ll make more money from your writing.

Let’s look at five ways you can become more confident.

1. Make writing the center of your life

Writers are always writing, no matter what else they’re doing.

This is a good thing, because writing takes study, and practice. Writers never stop learning. Not only do you need to learn how to write, you also need to learn about psychology, and business. And a million other things too.

Good writers understand themselves, other people, and life. And they write about what they learn. No matter what happens to them, a small part of their mind is thinking: “how can I use this?”

2. Find writing heroes you can model

What kind of writer do you want to be? Perhaps you want to be a copywriter. Or a novelist. Or a screen writer. Decide what kind of writer you want to be, and find models you can emulate.

3. Commit to enjoyment

Do you enjoy writing? If you don’t enjoy writing, it’s much harder than it needs to be. Discover ways in which you can make writing fun.

For example, let’s say you’re writing series of Internet ads for a copywriting client. You’re not enjoying it. Start a small side project, of writing you do enjoy. You might write a blog, or a short story. While all writing can’t be fun, you should aim to have some part of your writing day devoted to writing you do enjoy.

4. Self-talk your way to success

What you say to yourself matters. If you say: “I can’t finish this project. I have no idea why I started it…” You won’t finish it.

On the other hand, if you say: “I enjoy writing. I will complete this project and publish it”, chances are you’ll do exactly that.

5. Eliminate fears of rejection and failure forever

Why should failure, or success, frighten you? Neither success nor failure will make any difference to what you do each day. You write. Whether you do it in a sumptuous villa in Tuscany, or in a humble shared apartment in the town you grew up in, you write.

Stephen King (or whoever your writing hero happens to be — mine is P.G. Wodehouse) wrote every day. As you do. No matter how many successes or failures you have, they can’t affect your writing, unless you let them.

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, on Twitter: @angee, and find Angela on Pinterest, too.

How to profit from your writing: online store.