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Want to Sell Books? Write Them

Write a Book: Girl Writing

Want to sell books? You need to write them first. Sounds obvious, of course.

However, once you’ve written a book, the push to SELL can grab hold of you. You have expectations. More importantly, you need validation. Yes, you’ve written a book, and have uploaded it to Amazon. It’s now available for the world to buy. Or not.

For many writers, it’s “not”. No one cares, no one buys. If you have any anxiety at all about your writing, you’ll be devastated. What went wrong?

I’ve talked about blogging your book — selling your book as you write it. That’s one of the easiest ways to start building your platform, and developing a readership.

Let’s say that you haven’t done that, or that something holds you back from doing that.

You need to write books in order to sell books

Let’s say, moreover, that “selling” your books makes you uncomfortable. You hate all talk about marketing, social media, and platform. You just want to WRITE.

Go ahead. These days, with the massive power of Amazon behind you, you don’t need to do more than that.

Here’s one writer’s experience… In The Best Way To Build A Writer’s Platform Is To Write a writer reports:

The point? What sold the book was the book and finding the right price point. Erin writes:
To make a long story short, Looking for Trouble was on the Amazon top 100 for 4 months. Sometime in June, the book peaked at #6 in the paid Kindle store, and #1 on three different lists. In that month alone, I sold 38,000 copies. What was I doing to sell all these books?


The higher ranked your book is, the more exposure you get. Readers browse the bestseller lists all the time to see who they should read next.

Amazon’s database will help you to sell your books.

Just write them. 🙂

Angela Booth's Writing Genii

There’s more to writing a book than writing a book

There’s more to writing a book than writing a book. You need readers too.

Your readers are called your “platform”. If you’re a wise author, you’ll build your platform before, during, and after you write your book.

Do You Have a Purpose and Platform in Place? By Patricia L. Fry says: “As I’ve written many times in my books, hundreds of articles and my blog, your platform is your following, your way of attracting readers. Who needs a platform? Every author who wants to sell books. Think about it; if you want to buy a book on sports statistics, you would choose one written by someone with a track record in this topic, right? If you had to choose from a dozen novels, you’d probably pick the one by an author whose name you recognize. I would venture to guess that Rachel Ray and Paula Deen sell more foods and cooking books than any unknown cookbook author.”

Building your platform is also called – marketing your book.

If you’re new to publishing, you may not be aware of the vital role which marketing plays in selling your book to a publisher. You need to convince your publisher that you have a platform already, before the publisher will buy your book.

Unfortunately, some writers get this the wrong way round – they look on book publishing as a way of providing them with a platform to do something else: to coach, to build a career as a speaker, etc. It doesn’t happen.

You build your platform before, during and after you write your book with your marketing activities.

My ebook “You CAN Sell Your Writing Now: Marketing Skills For Writers” teaches you to become a successful marketer of your writing and your writing skill. You’ll discover how to build your platform in a fun way as you write your book. It’s essential that you learn to do this, if you want to become a successful, selling author.

Remember – you need readers.