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Self-Publishing Model: Should You Publish Your Novel as a Serial?

Write a Book

These days, everyone in publishing, including writers, is looking for a new business model.

Writers have found one, of course. We self-publish on various digital platforms. However, there’s a problem with that: there’s a huge amount of competition, and writers despair that no one is reading their books.

If you read any of my blogs, like the Fab Freelance Writing Blog, for example, you know that my primary concern is that writers make money from their words. As more writers self-publish, that’s far from easy.

That’s why, when I coach writers, I have a single mantra — create and promote.

As I said in Make Money Writing – Create and Promote:

Want to make money with your writing skills? You can when you learn to create and promote. Let’s look at how it works in this article.

Making money writing involves two skills — creation and promotion. Both skills are equally important.

Create and promote

You can and should use “create and promote” in everything you write. Creation comes first, however, so don’t get so caught up in promotional activities like marketing your book on Twitter that you forget to keep promoting.

There’s a new way to create AND promote at the same time: publish your novels as serials. I’m charmed by serial publication solely because it does allow you to create and promote at the same time. 🙂

Serial publication

There’s only one thing you want to know about serial publication — does it work?

Here’s one writer’s experience:

Launching in parts brought faster feedback. Reviews were appearing on Amazon after a couple of days as people got to the end of episode 1.

There was more buzz on Facebook and Twitter, with people getting excited about the next episode. I had a theoretical hope that it might built a great sense of community among core readers, like fans of the TV series Lost. As well as talking to each other, they talked to me.

Should you publish your next novel as a serial?

I wouldn’t suggest that you publish your first-ever novel as a serial, simply because you’re new at self-publishing. You’ve got enough to worry about, getting through the process of getting your first book online, and promoting it.

However, if you’ve already published a book or three, and want to build your readership, I think serial publication has a lot to offer.

I’ll definitely be trying it, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Turn Your Words Into Gold: Write and Sell An Ebook In Just Eight Hours


Here’s what I love about writing ebooks: you write them once, and they keep on selling forever.

I know several writers who’ve taken to the Kindle platform like the proverbial ducks to water. One writer friend turns out a new Kindle ebook every month, like clockwork. The last time we spoke, she had 11 ebooks selling — and her income is rising month by month.

Another writer friend mixes writing her own ebooks, with writing ebooks for others. Currently she’s been commissioned to write a biography, and a family history, for the same client. She’s finding it huge fun, and she’s making more money than she’s ever made.

The benefit of writing and selling ebooks is that once written, they can keep on selling forever. Would you trade eight hours for an income stream?

Use Google+to Help You to Network and Sell Your Book

Create Instant Products

Social media can help you to write and sell your book. If you’ve been using Twitter, and are frustrated with the 140 character limit to your tweets, you need to investigate Google+.

I’m by no means a Google+ expert. However, I’ve started recommending Google+ to writers who are too nervous to blog.

This article, How to Use Google+ as an Author Platform, does a great job in showing you what Google+ can do for you:

“Two strengths make Google+ an outstanding tool for increasing the visibility of your work:
Ability for your writing to get found through Circles and Social Search
No maximum length of your Google+ posts
That makes Google+ a strong promotional vehicle for your writing, whether you have a blog or not. While I strongly suggest that all writers have their own blog, in my experience, it’s a huge technical hurdle for many to overcome. The good news is that if you don’t have a blog, Google+ serves as a beautiful blog substitute.”

Show Up and Make Sales: Keep Writing (Author Hits 150,000 Sales)

I love this post, I Hit the 150,000 Mark in Sales! | Denise Grover Swank:

Ebook Sales

“That’s the dirty little secret that a lot of people don’t get.

You CAN make money as a self-published author even if you aren’t a best seller. If you have your books priced so that you make money ($2.99 or more) and you are selling 1000 books or more a month (with several books available, that’s not so inconceivable)  you’ll make some nice money. Maybe not enough to live off of. Yet. But keep releasing books. Plus, new releases that are received well will spur sales of your other books within the same genre.”

Writers worry too much, and write too little.

I’ve just published a post on my freelance writing blog, “Make $500 a Day from Your Info Products (Ebooks)”, and talk about writers who write one book, and flog it to death.

Show up and write. Keep writing. You’ll be successful. Keep the three topics I mention in mind, too… 🙂