Format Your Novel For the Ebook Stores

I chat with writers every day, and few things make them as squeamish as the idea of formatting their novel or nonfiction book as an ebook.

You can always take the easy way out, and let Scrivener do it, as I do.

If you’re a born do-it-yourselfer however, you’ll enjoy this new formatting guide, Two Ends of the Pen: New Release: E-Book Formatting for Novelists by K.C. May:

“Sure, some things take talent as well as skill, like cover art and writing novels. Ebook formatting isn’t one of them It’s just a matter of learning and following a process. If you’re comfortable with your computer, you can format your own ebooks and be proud of the end product.”

At the time of writing, the ebook’s selling for 99 cents. I like the cover. 🙂

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