Ulysses App: Publish Your Ebooks On iBooks FAST

Ulysses App: Publish Your Ebooks On iBooks FAST

I’m a huge fan of the Ulysses app (Mac). If you’re a Mac user, and you’re looking for a fast and simple way to publish your ebooks on iBooks, check out this tutorial, Self-Publishing for Absolute Beginners.

It sounds brilliantly simple, and I may try it one day. Currently, I’m Amazon exclusive. I’m slapping everything into KDP Select, because of Kindle Unlimited’s pages read.

I’d be silly not to, because I’m making more money from pages read than I am from direct sales. That may change of course, and if it does, I’ll be snatching my ebooks out of KDP Select so that I can publish elsewhere.

Ulysses makes writing and publishing SIMPLE

I adore Ulysses, even though I don’t use it for ebooks. I’m a rusted-on, diehard user of Scrivener for all long-form material. That said, all my short-form writing happens in Ulysses. I’m writing this blog post in it, for example.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ulysses, here are some benefits:

  • Markdown! Markdown is really just plain text, and you can repurpose that text in any way you choose. You can convert the plain text into a well-formatted docs in HTML, PDF, MS Word, and ePub. Markdown means you can…
  • just write. You never need to worry about formatting; formatting happens later, and you can preview your chosen output format as you write;
  • You can also repurpose your material. If you want to create ebooks from your blog posts, you can, in just minutes, by dragging the documents you want to include into a folder in Ulysses. Select all the documents, click, and you have a lovely PDF, instantly.
  • A distraction-free writing environment;
  • Statistics galore — characters, words, sentences etc.
  • Bookmarks and automatic backups, and —
  • You can continue any writing you started on your Mac in your iPad. And vice versa.

I’ve tried just about every Markdown app there is. Ulysses is perfect for the way I write.

If I ever decide to go wide with my ebooks, I’ll be using Ulysses to create fast and simple ePubs too. 🙂

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