Write a book essential: mind mapping

Do you use mind mapping as you’re writing your book? I’m an avid mind mapper — I tend to think in mind maps, after using them daily for many years.

NovaMind’s (mind mapping software developer) latest newsletter contained this snippet:

Author makes over $500,000 using NovaMind; eagerly awaiting NovaMind 5

Juan Gómez-Jurado uses NovaMind Mind Mapping software to write his books…and apparently it is working out rather well for him, seeing as he has sold over a million copies of his book “God’s Spy”, and has also received over half a million dollars for his last book.

If you’re not using mind maps, get acquainted with them and start using them — they can help you at all stages of writing your books, or of doing anything else.

What can you use mind maps for?

* Every stage of the writing process

* To do lists

* Thinking — discovering what you really think about something

* Planning

* Studying

* Fun

* Presentations, speeches

* ???

Everyone’s an individual, so you’ll find your own unique processes for using mind maps. As stated, I use them every day, usually I draw them on index cards, and use the iSight camera in my iMac to transfer them to my computer — EverNote does this in just one second.

(If you’re an iPhone/ iPod touch user, watch for NovaMind’s new iBlueSky mind mapping for the iPhone.)

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