Write A Book On Your iPad

Write A Book On Your iPad

You want to write a book. Can you do it on your iPad? I heard that one writer wrote a bestseller on her phone, but nevertheless my reaction to writing an entire book on an iPad would be: heck, no!

That said, I do spend a lot of time writing in Evernote on my phone and iPad, so I may need to rethink that attitude. Maybe you could write a book in Evernote. Here’s an example of someone who did that:

”For author and chief Business Insider correspondent Nicholas Carlson, Evernote was the primary tool he used to write a 93,000 word book. In six weeks.”

Uh huh. (Confession: the thought of writing an entire book in Evernote makes me cringe. I’ve been a Scrivener fan since the app hatched, and have no wish to change. I’m comfortable in Scrivener.)

Unfortunately, Scrivener hasn’t come out with their iPad app yet. Ulysses has.

Ulysses for iPad can help you write your book

I love Ulysses for Mac, especially their new update, and Ulysses is now an iPad app.

Bestselling author David Hewson loves the iPad app:

“I’ve never been a great fan of typing on the iPad but Ulysses has changed my opinion. This is very good for writing thanks to an extended keyboard. The best way to learn what this does is to play with it. First, get used to the very handy way it offers for moving through text. Just swipe right and left in the space bar and the cursor moves through your words. This is much easier than trying to click on the screen. There’s a configurable word count on the left followed by shortcuts above the letter keys for adding markup and common punctuation.”

I’m not a fan of typing on the iPad either, but if David says it works, I may need to try it.

What about you? Could you write a book on an iPad?

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