Write a Book with Scrivener: Version 2 has just been released!


Did you notice the exclamation point in the title? I never use them — I have a phobia about them to the extent that if I read more than a single exclamation point in ten pages of any book I’ll throw it across the room.

But — I am excited about the new version of Scrivener. It’s finally here.

If you’re unfamiliar with Scrivener, visit the site to learn more. For Windows users, the Windows version will be out next year.

Here’s what I love about Scrivener:

* It keeps everything in one place

* I can work on my projects in chunks, so that I don’t lose ideas (I use it for everything)

* It’s easy to drag and drop chunks around until I have a structure I like. I outline, but invariably I make many changes to that outline…

* Easy export — new in V2, export to ePub

Here’s a tip. I’ve been using Scrivener since it first came out, and am very comfortable with it, but there’s a learning curve. That said, learning is SO worth it. You’ve got everything you need to learn — a great manual, and videos too.

I love Scrivener. 🙂

BTW — I have no affiliation with the product, I just love it.

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