Amanda Hocking in Four-Book $2 Million Deal

Amanda Hocking has just signed a four-book $2 million deal with St.Martin’s, for the world English language rights.

This article, Amanda Hocking Sells Book Series to St. Martin’s Press –, reports:

“‘I’ve done as much with self-publishing as any person can do,’ Ms. Hocking said in an interview on Thursday. ‘People have bad things to say about publishers, but I think they still have services, and I want to see what they are. And if they end up not being any good, I don’t have to keep using them. But I do think they have something to offer.’”

Let’s see… she earned $2 million from her ebooks, and then St. Martin’s paid $2 million for the rights… that’s $4 million in around a year. And her books are still earning, AND she’s being launched by a major publisher…

Very nice. 🙂

There are many lessons you can take from this, the primary one being that the gatekeepers are gone, and that you can publish what you like, when you like.

Huge congratulations to Amanda, who’s still very young. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here; she has an amazing future.

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