Blog Your Nonfiction Book: Write A Book The Lazy Way

Blog Your Nonfiction Book: Write A Book The Lazy Way

You want to write a book, but you don’t have time. You can’t devote months of your life to a project which may or may not work. Moreover, you have no idea who will buy your book. Maybe your nonfiction book idea is a dud, and no one will want to read it, much less pay for it.

In short, you totally lack confidence.

It’s fine to feel this way, so let’s look at a simple, and completely LAZY way to write a book.

Write a book FAST, bit by bit — and presell it too

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What if you could write your book, bit by bit, and have eager buyers waiting to buy it? Today, that’s more than possible. You can do it. You can even get paid to write your book before you finish it.

Let’s look at how you can write fast, and presell your book.

1. Blog your book: write it blog post by blog post

I’ve long been a blogging evangelist. Blogging is instant publishing, and your book is an investment of time and energy which will pay off for you in ways you could never imagine.

If you don’t already have a blog, create one fast on or Neither of these free services is ideal for longterm blogging, but they’re fine for short-term use. Indeed, some very professional bloggers use these free services to build massively profitable blogs.

Got a blog? Kudos to you. 🙂

Create a category for your new nonfiction book. Title it by your book’s topic. If you already have a topic for your nonfiction book’s topic, create a new category with “book” on the end of it.

An example. You’re writing a book on weight loss, and you already have that category. Your new category is “weight loss book”.  (You’re creating this new category so you can quickly find all the blog posts you’ve written for your book.)

Now start writing blog posts in your new category. Aim for one a week. That won’t take you long, and blogging will give you ideas for your book while you’re writing your blog posts.

BIG TIP: keep your nonfiction book short. You’ll publish it on the Web, and on the ebook retailers too. Aim for 15,000 to 25,000 words. At 15K words, you’ll only need to write 30 blog posts of 500 words each.

2. Presell your book to beta readers before you finish it

You’ve written several blog posts, and you have a title for your nonfiction book.

Compile those blog posts into a PDF.

Work out how much you’ll charge for your complete nonfiction book, and create a presale offering.

An example. Let’s say that you’re charging $97 for your complete offering. As a presale, offer your book for $47.

Important tip: avoid promoting your presale offer heavily. If you have a mailing list, send out just one mailing offering the presale version. On the other hand, if you don’t have a mailing list, write a blog post offering your book.

Include a countdown timer, so readers know that your offering ends in three days, a week, or ten days.

One writer managed to make $5,890 for her presale, which not only gave her the impetus to complete the book, but also the funds to promote it widely.

The big benefit of a presale is that you get feedback, and testimonials. Use the feedback to make your book better; use the testimonials in your advertising.

3. Write more blog posts, and promote your blog posts (and book)

Is your book starting to feel real to you? 🙂

Excellent. Keep writing blog posts.

Put more effort into your promotions at this stage.

4. All done: publish your book on the Web

Book done? Excellent. Publish your book on the Web, as a PDF. Add other materials, like recipes, checklists, or a calendar — anything which adds more value to your offering. You can even record some audio, if you like.

5. Create a “lite” version of your nonfiction book for the ebook retailers

Your final step is to create a shorter version of your nonfiction book for the ebook retailers. Amazon will create a MOBI (Kindle format) ebook from your PDF file, so formatting is easy.

Add a link to your sales page for the Web version of your nonfiction book at the end of your ebook.

Kudos to you — you’ve written a book without taking months out of your life to do it. 🙂

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