Conquer Your Writing Demons and Write Your Book

Fiction Frenzy

Want to write a book? If you haven’t started, something’s stopping you. And if you have started, I’m sure you’ve met the writing demons which plague all writers.

Every writer struggles with demons.

This article, Lisa Tener: Book Spooks: The 13 Demons That Bar You From Writing Your Book — And How to Slay Them, describes them wonderfully. These two are my demons:

“Haze and Murk: If you’re not clear of your vision and goals, you’re more likely to fall into this trap. Write a vision statement and read it daily to serve as a beacon of clarity.

The Voice of Self Doubt: Maybe it was your fifth grade elementary school teacher. Maybe it was your dad. Someone told you that you couldn’t write. Or children should be seen not heard. Or another of the endless variations that now play in your head. Change the station. Thank that voice and move on. And find supportive people to build confidence.”

Maybe these demons plague you too, or maybe you suffer from another demon.

You can conquer your demons and write your book

I’ve been helping writers to conquer their demons as they follow my Fiction Frenzy program.

Here’s a three-step process to conquer your demons:

1. Listen to the demon for a moment, then focus on the emotion — locate the emotion in your body;

2. Stay with the feeling IN YOUR BODY;

3. Ask yourself when you’re ready to let go: answer “NOW!”. The emotional charge will dissipate.


You can’t argue with a demon. So don’t listen to the demon’s story, you’ll just get entangled in it. Focus on the emotion in your body, and the location. Just feel the feeling. The voice and its story will fade. Then ask yourself when you’ll be ready to let go. Answer.

The first time you do this exercise with a demon you’ll get a minute or two’s relief. Keep doing the exercise. Within a short time — around 5 to 10 repetitions — the demon will be gone.

Repeat whenever you need to. Just remember, don’t get entangled with the demon. Arguing just makes the demon stronger.

You can conquer your writing demons. The short exercise works. (It’s based on the Sedona Method.)

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