Create the Perfect Home Business: Write and Sell Ebooks


There’s a huge market for info products, so writing ebooks is the perfect home business. With the launch of the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad this market has exploded in the past year, and promises to be even bigger in 2011. The industry is set to grow even further as more and more people look to their digital devices for information and entertainment.

I’ve been selling information products for 10 years, so here are some tips which will help you to success.

Firstly, research your market before you write your ebook. I see many new writers creating ebooks on topics which interest them, but for which there is a very small market. You’ll be investing time and energy into your creation, so you need to be sure that people will buy it.

Decide whether you want to provide information, or whether the you want to entertain your audience.

If you want to provide information, look for people’s pain points – what do they need information on? Ebooks which sell information on topics like curing acne and losing weight are popular: the health area is a booming marketplace.

On the other hand, if you want to entertain you can do that too.

Novels are selling very well as the books, with one popular novelist earning $100,000 from his ebooks in 2010. He estimates that he’ll double his earnings in 2011. However, do realize that he’s been writing for over a decade, and has built a large audience. If you want to write novels you’ll need to build your audience too.

Secondly, create a schedule for developing new information products. Your products are your inventory, and your business will only be as strong as your inventory.

An easy way to build your inventory and increase your readership is to develop a series on a single topic. If your first information product is on weight loss, consider creating another dieting product, targeting a different segment of the weight loss audience.

If you’re writing novels, consider creating a series character. JK Rowling did this successfully. You can take your series character through several books.

2011 promises to be a huge year for ebooks, so if you want to write and sell them, now is the perfect time to start your home business.

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