E-serials – sell your stories by email

There’s BIG money in ebooks – just read how much money you can make by writing and selling ebooks.

However, the ebooks which sell best are non-fiction, because people visit the online world for information.

That said, I know several writers who are blogging their fiction, and others who serialize their fiction via email. Virtual Tales sends 1500-word installments of novels to email subscribers.

And they’re looking for writers.

Virtual Tales – Becoming an
Author for Virtual Tales

“We are currently looking for complete novels or novellas of at least 20,000 words to sell through the Virtual Tales website and other partner sites in eSerial, eBook and print formats. We will also consider the following:

Short story collections with a strong central theme
Reprints of previously published works, including previously published print versions (or those currently published print editions outside of North America), so long as the author owns the electronic rights to the story and North American print rights
Previously published eSerials (through defunct sites such as KeepItComing.net)”

So if you’re writing a novel, serialize it. You can’t lose. It avoids the slush pile. If the novel becomes popular, no doubt a traditional publisher will pay you for the print version.

Great idea… wish I had time to write a novel this year. 🙂

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