Get an agent for your book

You’re writing a book, and you realize that at some stage, you need to get an agent.

But when’s the best time?

I’ve had several agents over the course of a long career, and here’s an essential truth: agents are BUSY. Their time is reserved for their clients.

This means that the best time to get an agent is when you’ve already won the interest of a publisher. An agent handles your literary business, and many agents will be interested when someone wants to publish your book.

A literary agent’s role is a business role

Your agent’s role is strictly a business role of negotiating contracts. So until you have an offer, you don’t need an agent. In fact, an agent may do you more harm than good. You’re the only person who knows what you can write, and what your goals and aspirations are.

Write, educate yourself on the world of publishing, and promote yourself and your writing.

Read “How to write your book the easy way” to discover an easy way to promote yourself, and to get an agent too.

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