How to Sneak Up on Writing Your Book

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Want to sneak up on writing your book? You can. Authors no longer write their books in isolation; readers read authors’ work as they write, and this helps authors immensely.

The big benefit of having readers is that you receive feedback. You’ll see very quickly what readers respond to, and what they don’t. This is amazing; it’s powerful. Your readers will inspire you to write, and they’ll become the first buyers of your books.

Author EL James, of Fifty Shades of Grey fame, wrote her books as fan fiction. As she wrote, she collected readers. Those readers’ responses helped her to produce phenomenally successful bestsellers.

There are many sites which will allow you to write your book online, and get readers and feedback as you write. They include Wattpad, and Writer’s Bloq.

You’re sneaking up on your book, because you’re writing just a chapter or two at a time, rather than waiting to write the entire book before you start looking for feedback.

If you’re not comfortable on large sites, you can post your writing on your own blog. You won’t have as many readers, and you’ll need to promote your blog. However, you will get feedback as you write.

How to Get Started Sneaking up on Writing Your Book

1. Decide What You Want to Write

Novelists are divided into two main types: the free writers, and the outliners.

Free writing novelists (also called “pantsers” because they write by the seat of their pants) just start writing, telling themselves the story.

Outlining novelists like to know exactly where their book is going before they get started on the writing. They outline each scene and chapter.

You’ll soon discover whether you’re a pantser, or an outliner.

2. Set a Goal for the Number of Words You Want to Write Each Day

Without a daily word count goal, you’ll procrastinate. Choose the number of words you think you can write on a good day, and then halve it. Set that number of words as your daily goal.

Post your daily output to a website, or to your own blog.

3. Develop a Routine

To write a book, you need to fit writing into your daily schedule.

Most writers find that they write best either late in the evening, or first thing in the morning. However, you may find that you like writing during your lunch hour, or before dinner.

Choose a time and write, and then stick to that time. When the time arrives, sit down at your computer and start writing.

Although writing a book can be a huge undertaking, you can sneak up on it. Many successful writers have done it, and you can too.

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Here’s what I love about writing ebooks: you write them once, and they keep on selling forever.

I know several writers who’ve taken to the Kindle platform like the proverbial ducks to water. One writer friend turns out a new Kindle ebook every month, like clockwork. The last time we spoke, she had 11 ebooks selling — and her income is rising month by month.

Another writer friend mixes writing her own ebooks, with writing ebooks for others. Currently she’s been commissioned to write a biography, and a family history, for the same client. She’s finding it huge fun, and she’s making more money than she’s ever made.

The benefit of writing and selling ebooks is that once written, they can keep on selling forever. Would you trade eight hours for an income stream?

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