One way to write a book: write articles

Some writers turn pale and sweaty when they contemplate writing at book length.

A book… an endless, trackless forest of words, thousands upon thousands of them.

Writing a book isn’t all that different from writing shorter pieces. You write a book word by word, exactly the same way you write anything else.

There are many ways to write a book.

The Wild Wild West: Blogging Gone Bad for example, wrote articles: “So I sent another, and another, etc. and they printed them all. I started to send pieces to other publications, and they printed them as well. Then I decided that if I wrote 25 articles of about 2,500 words, I would have a book.”

If you can write an article, you can write a book.

And when you’re writing fiction, if you can write a short story, you can write a novel.

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