Promote Your Book: NOW!

Promote Your Book

No one knows your book as well as you do. No one cares as much as you do. If anyone’s going to promote your book… it’s YOU.

There’s no one else.

If you’re angling for a publishing contract because you want your publisher to handle promotions, please drop the delusion that a publisher can or will promote your book. Publishers are useless at promotion.

Authors are realizing that promotion begins, and ends, with them. Speaking of Social Media . . .– discusses various ways in which you can promote your book:

“There are also the more common uses of social media: engaging Twitter, Facebook and, now, increasingly, Pinterest. Well-known novelists who have embraced social media to great effect include Margaret Atwood, who is an active Twitterer, and Janet Evanovich, whose website invites visitors to visit her Pinterest boards”

I know it’s hard to get your head around promotions. You’ve written the book, and you feel you’ve done everything you can. Shouldn’t someone else handle this stuff?

To repeat: there’s no one else.

There’s just you.

Be brave. Everyone else promotes their books, you can do it too. It’s not hard, it’s just something you’d prefer not to have to do. 🙂

Book promotion if you hate promoting yourself

I used to hate promotions too. It’s ironic, considering that I’m a copywriter and am more than happy to promote any business or product on earth (within reason, of course.) I ended up going to a therapist, who helped me to deal with some childhood issues.

Let’s look at some easy ways in which you can promote your book, even if you hate self-promotion.

1. Create a blog

Go to and create a blog. Use the name under which you write as the title for your blog.

It’ll take you all of 60 seconds.

Now you have a blog.

Start writing. Write about your new book, or the book you’re working on, or something related to your book.

Many writers do this well. Check out other writers’ sites to see what they’re writing about.

Offer the occasional giveaway, once your book’s selling.

2. Write press releases

There are 1001 and one online press release sites. Pick a site, write a release.

Write a press release a week, and link back to your blog.

3. Get a Twitter account

Go to and create an account. Tweet away.

4. Get a Google+ account

Google+ is the up and coming social networking site. It’s fun.

ALL promotion is fun, with the right attitude. Many writers need an attitude adjustment before they’re happy promoting themselves. If it helps, see a therapist, because you need to promote your book — there’s no one else.

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