Start a trend when you write your book

If you’re looking for ideas for your next book, don’t copy what’s already been done. Look at what’s happening NOW.

Remember that the books on the bestseller lists were commissioned at least two years ago. The book you write today won’t hit the bookstores for another two years, so if you’re following a current trend, it will be dead by then.

Debbie Macomber tells you how to identify trends in her article Writer’s Digest – 7 Trend Tips and suggests:

“The best way to unlock new trends, though, is to keep your eyes open and observe the interests of others—particularly interests that are new and growing. Pay attention to the preoccupations and concerns revealed by mass media. Interpret what you’ve observed and figure out what it means, what needs it meets or expresses, and how you can use that in your story. Look for new trends and leap on them.”

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