Start your book online: follow the First 30 Days model


Writing a book? Forget publishers and agents: test your idea online, get readers and make money.

I love the idea of testing your projects online before you go the traditional publishing route, and I was fascinated to read that the founder and CEO of new self help site First 30 Days follows this model too.

Self-Help Site Launches With $5 Million from Hearst and Dick Parsons reports: “First 30 Days is starting on the Web, but it could easily expand into other media such as books and TV. In May, HarperOne will be publishing The First 30 Days by de Bonvoisin. And she plans many more books. ‘The idea in my head,’ she says, ‘was to start it as a book series. Dick Parsons said start it online. With books, I have no relationship with you.’ If she can make First 30 Days the first place people go to when they need help with life’s transition points, it could easily become more than a 30-day habit.”

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