The 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge Is Winding Up

30 day novel

Our 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge is winding up. In today’s message to members, we discussed adding humor to your novel, and tomorrow we’ll discuss layering.

I’m thrilled with members’ progress. If you’re having problems writing every day, I created a special time-limited offering on the “Write More And Make More Money From Your Writing: Develop A Fast, Fun Productive Writing Process” classes.

That offering is available until the official end of the Challenge, August 30. If you missed out on joining us, you can take the Challenge at any time. The material will stay online, so feel free to challenge yourself. 🙂

Indie authors’ earnings

Challenge members have asked about indie authors’ earnings.

From Indie Epub Authors: Let’s Talk Money…with Bestselling Author Theresa Ragan!:

$523.76 is how much I earned after my first month as a self-published author (3/11).

$107,816.07 is what I earned in my best month as a self-published author (2/12).

Be aware that Theresa Ragan has been writing for many years. Overnight successes are rare. No one is suggesting that you’ll make $100,000 a month — or indeed, anything at all a month, as a self-published author.

However, writing a book and getting readers is now possible for almost anyone. That’s NEVER been possible before.

I started writing romance novels in the late 1970s. I was prepared to give myself ten years to be published.

I wasn’t going to sit around and hope for publication. I worked at it. I decided to write a book proposal (three chapters and an outline) a month. It took me just a few months to get a multi-book contract. No one was more surprised than I was. 🙂 I fully expected to spend YEARS sending proposals to publishers.

If I were starting out today, I’d put the same energy into writing. I’d write and publish like a demon.

That’s all any writer can do. The big difference today is that you have access directly to readers. The gatekeepers of the past have gone. While that’s a good thing on the whole, it’s a bad thing too.

When you had to deal with acquisitions editors and editors, you got an education. Editors edited you. You learned that what you wrote wasn’t set in stone. You could and would rewrite. Nowadays you need to educate yourself. No will will force you to hire an editor, and rewrite.

That’s a real handicap, but only if you allow it to be.

Get beta readers. Edit yourself first. When you’ve done as much as you can, and think your novel is “perfect” realize that it’s not. Hire an editor. Rewrite.

These days, you can make a good living writing novels. However, do realize that if you want to make a career out of it, you’ll need to approach it as a real business. That means, educate yourself. Understand what you need to do, and do it.

There’s never been a better time to be a writer. If you’re just getting started, take the Challenge. Writers write every day. Learn that basic habit first. It’s the foundation of everything else.

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