Too Clever: Use Craigslist to Get Beta Readers

Every so often you come across a tip which is just BRILLIANT.

In this post, “Patience, Patience: Publish In Haste, Regret at Leisure”, I suggested you get some beta readers.

All well and good, but what if the only people you can talk into reading your book are friends and relatives? Nothing against an author’s loved ones, but these people care about you. What are they going to tell you about your book? That the characters are idiots, and your plot implausible?

Unlikely. So you can’t use them as beta readers, even if your sister or another relative reads in the genre you’re writing in, and wants to read your book.

That’s why I love this idea. How To Use Craigslist as an Editing Tool – GalleyCat reports:

“’Craigslist and other free online classified ads are secret weapons for new authors. It is incredibly difficult to get outside feedback when you are a new writer. My solution? Post an ad saying you’ll pay someone $10 or $20 to read your book and give you honest feedback.”

Be sure that when you create your ad, you ask for someone who’s reading books in your genre. Also define what you mean by “feedback”.

Make a list, and get your beta readers to answer questions like:

* Did you like ___ and _____ (characters?)

* What scene (explain what a scene is) do you remember? Why?


I love the idea of using Craigslist; it’s very clever indeed.

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