Want to write a book? Don’t let being dead stop you

Want to write a book? Take your time. You’ve got longer than you think. After all, Robert Ludlum’s still producing books from beyond the grave. (Ludlum died in 2001.)

Lloyd Garver: Words From The Afterlife reports:

(About Ludlum’s new books) “His executor and his agent say that some of the works have been books that Ludlum wrote, but just weren’t published before he passed away. Others have been written by other writers including an old friend of Ludlum’s whose name sounds a bit like a Ludlum villain – – Eric Van Lustbader. However, it’s the Ludlum name that sells books. Van Lustbader wrote ‘The Bourne Betrayal,’ but on the book’s cover, Ludlum’s name is twice as tall as Van Lustbader’s.”

So Robert Ludlum has become a franchise operation, and ghostwriters are even now toiling away, producing the dead master’s next bestseller.

Here’s another franchise, V. C. Andrews, of “Flowers in the Attic fame (she died in 1986):

Her novels were so successful that after her death her estate hired a ghost writer, Andrew Neiderman, to write more stories to be published under her name. In assessing a deficiency in Andrews’ estate tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service argued (successfully) that Andrews’ name was a valuable commercial asset, the value of which should be included in her gross estate.

(Quote from Wikipedia)

Apropos of which, next week’s theme in Fab Freelance Writing Ezine is: “Write for Others as a Ghostwriter – and Get Paid Well”. The issue might just inspire you to speak for dead people. 🙂

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