When your life hands you lemons, write a blog and a book

Alexandra Penney began blogging The Bag Lady Papers, a blog about losing all her money at the Daily Beast.

Now Memoirs of a Hermès bag lady | The Guardian reports:

“A year on, Penney has turned The Bag Lady Papers into a book, published in the US next week. When I called her in Manhattan on Thursday, she started by sounding upbeat: ‘In very many ways, it was a fantastic year. I got to travel – a magazine hired me to go to Africa which I would never have done in my previous life – and that was a big thing for me as I thought I would not be able to travel anymore.'”

What lemons can you turn into lemonade?

Introducing — Angela Booth’s Lazy Rich Blogger method

After several years of trial and error, these days I create blogs which I know will make money: I’ve cracked the code. Not only do my blogs make money almost immediately, they’ll also keep on making money for years to come.

If you wish, you can join me on the blogging journey. I hope you do. As the Internet grows ever larger, there are endless opportunities which can turn you into a lazy, rich blogger.

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