Why not write a twistery?


Above – the twiller – a thriller on Twitter, here’s the plot summary.

Want to write a book, fast?

Books on blogs are common, but there’s no new form of book-blogging: book micro-blogging, on Twitter. The excerpts above are from Michael Richter’s “twiller“.

Introducing the Twiller – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com reports:

“Recently, a handful of creators (present company included) have scrapped pen and paper for mobile phone and keypad, and started texting their novels — in real time, just a few characters at a time. Our medium is Twitter, a service that lets you broadcast bursts of 140 characters at a time to be read by people who subscribe to get your updates.”

So, if you’re writing a mystery, you could write a twistery on Twitter… a Twitter romance would be a twance… 🙂

Try it: you’ve just eliminated your “I haven’t got time to write a book” excuse. You can write your book 28 words at a time.

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