Will Your Nonfiction Book Sell?

If you’re writing a book, here’s an unfortunate truth for you to think about: your book may not sell.

Or, if it sells, it may only sell a few copies. In general, 95 per cent of authors won’t make enough from their books to pay for their groceries.

How to ensure that YOUR book sells

Since so few books sell, and very, very few books sell well, it’s up to you to put the odds of your book selling well in your favor.

Luckily, it’s simple to do this.

Here’s how. (Please note that we’re talking about nonfiction, not fiction. We’ll discuss fiction in another post.)

Choose a topic which sells

If you’re writing nonfiction, work out how many people care about your topic. Are there magazines and online forums which discuss the topic? How many people are blogging in this area? Are there any Amazon bestsellers covering this topic?

If you’re writing in a very narrow area, the chances of your book selling well are slim.

Please note that if you’re writing a history, or a personal memoir, you’ll need to ensure that your book is involving and exciting. Look at the bestsellers in those areas, and read them.

Create a marketing plan for your book

If no one knows about your book, no one will buy it. Marketing is important. You need to get the word out.

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