Write a book, and self-publish — you may just get a book deal

Writing a book? if you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m a great believer in getting your name and work out there, whether it’s via a blog, or by self-publishing.

Who knows, you may just get a book deal.

Yes, it can happen. Jossey-Bass, the west coast imprint of John Wiley and Sons, for example, has just signed up a couple of self-published books.

How self publishing can lead to a real book deal reports:

“We changed the title from the original Becoming Whole to one more descriptive: The Power of Memoir – Writing Your Healing Story. We also did a lot of developmental editing on the book, focusing it more on a program of how-to-write a memoir, and adding excellent case examples that were each highly readable stories in their own right.”

Publishers want to make money.

When you self-publish a book, it tells them that you’re serious; you’ve got a book out there. More to the point, the book is DONE. It’s written. They can read it, and as in the case above, they can help you to make it better — more salable, that is.

It’s a match made in heaven, so what are you waiting for?

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Enjoy. 🙂

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