Write a book and sell it FAST

You’re writing a book, and you want to sell it fast.

How do you achieve that goal?

Let’s look at two scenarios.

Writer A writes her novel or non fiction book, and sets out to sell it. Years pass. Her book remains unsold. The only time she remembers that she spent 16 months writing a book is when she’s asked by an acquaintance: “What happened to that book you were writing?”

Writer A sighs, and changes the subject. She’s decided that she was never meant to be a writer. Writing a book was just a silly, childish dream.

Writer B, Jessica-Ruth Jasper (this is a completely fictitious name), has taken note of the celebrity-obsessed culture in which we live.

When she got an idea for a novel, Jessica-Ruth knew getting published was hard. She knew that there were hundreds of thousands of would-be authors, that for editors and agents to take notice of her they needed to know her name.

So Jessica-Ruth did something very simple: she created a blog. As months passed, and Jessica-Ruth wrote her novel, she occasionally posted to her blog. She wrote about her life as an unpublished author, and posted snippets of her novel.

Other bloggers linked to Jessica-Ruth’s blog, and Jessica-Ruth got readers. These readers gave Jessica-Ruth feedback, and she realized that people enjoyed her writing. This motivated her to continue with her book.

Then, long before Jessica-Ruth had finished her novel, a Famous Agent got in touch. He like Jessica-Ruth’s writing style. He wondered whether she’d be interested in writing a chick lit novel. A publishing house was looking for a new voice, and from her blog, he knew that her voice had potential.

So Jessica-Ruth, unknown author, got lucky. She got a multi-book contract, for the book she was writing, and for two chick lit novels as well. Lucky, lucky Jessica-Ruth…

Luck Had Nothing to Do With It, Jessica-Ruth Built Her Name

Do YOU believe that Jessica-Ruth got lucky?

If you do, you’re wrong. Luck had nothing to do with it. Jessica-Ruth realized that as a complete unknown she had to get known by building her name, and that blogging was a simple, painless way to do just that.

So, do you want to write a book and sell it fast? Build your name.

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