Write a Book: Could You Write a Bestseller?

Could you write a bestseller?

If you’ve got a burning desire, and if you learn how to write a book, perhaps you could.

This article, Could you write a best seller with a great plot and become the next Philippa Gregory? | Mail Online, suggests that it’s unlikely you’ll hit the big time with your first book:

“Mark Le Fanu, general secretary of the Society of Authors, says talent is not enough to guarantee success. Budding authors must also have great self-belief to get through the financial hardships and likely initial failure.

‘You have to have a breakthrough  -  and this could take several books to achieve,’ he says. ‘You will probably need to be quite obsessive, show great patience and be dogged in your approach. It is unlikely your first book is going to get published, and even if it does it is unlikely to bring in lots of money.’ ”

It all depends on you. How hard are you willing to work?

Yes, hard work is essential. A book doesn’t write itself, nor does it acquire readers by itself.

Best advice: treat it like a job

Here’s my best advice to you, if you’re an aspiring author: treat writing your first book like a job. Then write your next book, and your next.

It’s very common for authors to write anywhere from three to seven books without a nibble from a publisher, and then to score multi-book contracts.

Remember too, that these days you have options. Electronic publishing has taken off. You just may discover that you don’t need anyone’s permission to publish your book — you may decide to go your own way and keep the profits for yourself.

Writing books isn’t glamorous. You get to sit in front of your computer every day, dreaming whole worlds into existence. If that’s your idea of heaven, go ahead and write. You never know what will happen until you do.

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