Write a book from your experiences: living well is the best revenge

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Serial other-woman Sarah Symonds learned to write, and self-published a sensational book, Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman, which was snatched up by Random House

The mistress of self-delusion: Lord Archer’s ex-lover’s guide to the virtues of being the ‘other woman’ reports: “In the end, she spent £1,500 publishing it herself. But following her appearance on Oprah in October – her book was picked up by Random House. ‘The best form of revenge is success,’ she says. ‘I really hope Mr X sees me doing well.'”

The takeaway from this article (questions of morality to one side) is if you’re handed a lemon, you can make lemonade when you write about it.

Appearing on Oprah sets the “bestseller” seal on a book.

Your life experiences may not be as sensational as those of Sarah Symonds, but whatever they are, you can write about them. Who knows? You may end up appearing on Oprah too.

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