Write a book: have you fallen in love with your book?


You’re writing a book. (Or you’ve written a book.)

But do you LOVE it?

This post from Tom Peters about the movie Julie & Julia talks about exuberance, and Julia Child’s persistence in getting published:

“She then engaged in a tireless and ceaseless and pothole-strewn Long March to cookbook publication by Alfred Knopf—prior rejection slips and last-minute publisher jiltings were almost too numerous to bear, even for the casual viewer of the movie.

But the story—including the unreported years following the first book in which more books followed, the TV show blossomed and America and its kitchens and pantries succumbed to Julia’s thrall—is, in the end, a story of Exuberance.”

Exuberance (enthusiasm) comes from LOVE.

If you love your book, and love your ideas, then getting published is easy. You won’t mind the hard work, the trials and tribulations with agents and publishers… the sheer time and effort it takes to write, and get published.

Fall in love today. 🙂

(Start by watching the movie, to see what love looks like.)

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